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About Me and Bear Creek Traders

When Bear Creek Traders was started I tried to carry only locally made and made in America items; however, the store has morphed into an eclectic blend of vintage, antiques, and carefully selected cabin decor in addition to soaps, quilts, candles, warmers, stained glass, pottery, birdhouses, jams and jellies, etched glass, and greeting cards.  Approximately 50% of my inventory is made in America.  

Bear Creek Traders has also given my friends and I an outlet for our creativity...I make quilts, purses, candles, soap and my friends make stained glass sun catchers, pottery, bird houses, and some wooden novelty items. 

In addition to handmade and cabin décor we also have vintage and antique item which an be seen in-store only.  Now much of the 1 of a kind items will not be on the internet because I can't keep up with it all as a "one woman show".  

I also have a facebook page called Bear Creek Traders in which I advertise sales.

Please feel free to contact me so I can charge you actual shipping instead of whatever the computer comes up with or ask about an item.  My email address is